The Lazy Bean was founded by Holly Lazenby in 2023. Using her experience in the Steiner/Waldorf education system, she wanted to design earthy wellness products and organise spiritual retreats to aid people on their inner healing journey and to help people become more grounded and calm.

Using her Steiner knowledge and positive psychology background, Holly has developed the Method to Madness framework that underpins our retreats.


Authentic Designs

Our mission is to create earthy, beautiful and effective tools to help you with your inner healing. We are passionate about our authentic work. This means that every item in our shop is an original product. Whether the items are handmade, digitally designed or formed as part of intellectual property.

Method to Madness

We use positive psychology theories to practice mindfulness, such as how to understand your feelings, practice manifestation, focus on what you're grateful for, discover your motivators, and outline your short-term and long-term goals.

Our Method to Madness draw on theories from Robert Plutchik (Theory of Emotion), Prentice Mulford (The Law of Attraction), Abraham Maslow (Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs) and Edwin Loche (Goal Setting Theory).

All of our products and retreats are heavily centred around our Method to Madness.

Steiner/Waldorf Influence

Using the Steiner/Waldorf philosophies on inner healing, we believe that exposing our minds to practical experiences, such as cooking, sewing, gardening and crafts, will contribute to a sense of wellbeing and security within ourselves.

From this, we advocate mindfulness practices to develop a deeper spiritual connection within ourselves.

Mental mindfulness practices include manifesting, expressing gratitude, positive thoughts, goal setting, and understanding our feelings. This is why we created our shop, to give you the tools you need to become a more mindful person.

We, also, advocate for physical mindfulness, which include yoga, meditation, and the practical experiences (cooking, sewing, and crafts) as mentioned above.